Welcome to ALLBLACK, where dark fashion meets family style with zero compromises. I’m Pascal Heynol, and I started ALLBLACK to bring the bold, untamed spirit of Berlin’s “Schwarze Szene” into everyday family wardrobes.

Having spent a decade roaming the city’s streets, legendary clubs and underground gigs I felt inspired by the creative and rule bending expressiveness of its people. Yet when my family life began, I found myself in a style wasteland, desperately searching for anything that didn’t scream mainstream. Kids’ fashion was all pastels and predictable patterns. That’s why I created ALLBLACK: to inject a shot of dark, rebellious spirit into family wardrobes everywhere.

Fashion, to me, is about pushing boundaries and defying expectations, and that’s what ALLBLACK is all about. Here, we don’t believe in limits. Style knows no age, no gender, and certainly no restrictions. Why settle for the ordinary when you can dress in a way that truly represents who you are, regardless of your role in the family?

At ALLBLACK, you’ll find everything from sharp, gothic couture for date nights to eye-popping, coordinated sets that the whole family can rock together. Each piece we design carries a slice of the rebellion and creativity that once filled the clubs of Berlin, tailored for moms, dads, and kids who crave something different. 

As a dedicated LGBTQ* ally, advocating for diversity is not just a side note—it’s woven into the fabric of ALLBLACK. Our mission is to empower families to flaunt their individuality. We embrace the outcasts, the style rebels, and everyone who believes that being different isn’t just okay—it’s incredible.

Thanks for checking out ALLBLACK. Here, we’re all about turning the dark into something spectacular. Dive in, get lost in our collections, and let’s dress to express, not to conform.

Darkness has many colors, and at ALLBLACK, we wear them all proudly. Join our revolution of style and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.